Masonic Temple
Masonic Library and Museum

The magnificent Masonic Temple, headquarters for the R.W. Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania and home to the Masonic Library and Museum, is a national historic landmark renowned for its beauty, architectural mastery and historical significance. The Library contains one of the finest collections for the study of American history and Freemasonry, and the Museum displays more than 30,000 treasured artifacts.

The costs to maintain, operate and insure the Masonic Temple-Library and Museum are astronomical, yet this masterpiece and the treasures it hold are priceless.

Masonic Villages

Comprised of five continuing care retirement communities across Pennsylvania providing a wide range of care and services, the Masonic Villages are committed to caring for residents regardless of their ability to pay. The communities extend quality healthcare and outreach services to numerous others through home and community-based services.

Our expenses for providing the services our residents need and deserve are much higher than what the government is willing to pay. Our donors' generous contributions help provide care and services for residents whose savings, insurance or public assistance does not fully cover the cost of their care. Their support also covers unreimbursed Medicare and Medicaid costs, which totaled approximately $8 million in 2012, and is expected to increase to an estimated $9 million in 2013 due to continued funding cuts.

Masonic Children's Home

The Masonic Children's Home is just that - home for 40 children who come from various socio-economic environments that do not provide the security and support necessary for healthy growth and development. The youth receive food, clothing, complete medical care, academic tutoring and opportunities to participate in worship and extracurricular activities of their choosing.

Upon receiving support, guidance, nutrition, stability and encouragement at the children's home, the youth have an opportunity to pursue higher education and grow into healthy, prepared and productive citizens.

The Masonic Children's Home operates fully on donations from selfless, caring people who believe that children deserve a chance to live healthy, happy lives with hope for a better future.

PA Masonic Youth Foundation

The foundation offers leadership, education and mentoring programs and resources for youth throughout the Commonwealth, and provides numerous resources and opportunities for Masonic youth groups. It supports initiatives to keep children safe from violence, abuse and exploitation, and provides specialized training for adults who provide leadership to young people.

Masonic Charities Fund

This special fund supports operations and equipment purchases for The Masonic Library and Museum of Pennsylvania, as well as the restoration and preservation of the Masonic Temple. As needs present themselves, the fund supports scholarships and disaster relief across the globe, to Masonic or non-Masonic recipients.

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Watch to learn how you can make a difference "For the Life of a Child"

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"The various rooms in the Temple are breathtaking ... I don't think I've seen anything that equals it in this country."

- Richard C.
  • Masonic Temple Exterior
  • Library and Museum
  • Gothic Hall Staircase
  • Renaissance Hall

"I knew [my parents] were getting excellent medical care ... by people who actually loved and cared for them."

- Linda L.

"I can't foresee a more worthy place to invest than in our youth, because that's really an investment not only in their futures, but in everyone's."

- Nancy F.

Unselfish and noble actions are the most radiant pages in the biography of souls.

- David Thomas

Brother Merrill Thomas describes why he feels good about giving to the Masonic Charities.